March 30, 2013

7 High Tech Gadgets to Soon Invade in the Market

Everyday, more gadgets are being introduced in the market that features high tech design, powerful specification and multi-functional capabilities. These gizmos set us to a new era of technology making sure we don’t get stuck in the past. The following are some of the proposed gadgets to watch out for in the near future. Pick some of your most-liked device you may be interested to invest in the future.

1. Window (Transparent) Phone concept -– I know, everyone is excited to release a phone that is almost actually a glass or window design but comes in a powerful specification. This fancy smartphone already have seen in the movie Iron Man 2 used by Tony Stark.

2. HP LIM (Less Is More) -– This 19-inch fully transparent touch OLED screen, HP LIM (Less Is More), will packaged with wireless keyboard and a virtual trackpad for spacing saving and less cost in using mouse device. This amazing concept will also slide down for better handling. As for the specs, consumer is looking forward for a much higher specification as with the existing laptop available in the market today.

3. Rollerphone -– A new concept of gadget is now developing; the combination of watch and phone in your wrist. Rollerphone is a pull-out wrist watch that is also good for making calls, playing music and videos, read e-books, and play games. You can roll the screen in and out just by using your fingers.

4. Combi Monitor (Document Extractor) -– This future gadget will feature the combination of monitor, printer and scanner in one hardware. This is a great space-saver as printer and scanner will soon phase out when this device come out.

5. Sony Eclipse -– A new concept formed by one of the great leader in technology, Sony, will soon introduce Sony Eclipse. This is an all-purpose media player whose best feature is the solar charging. The sun-powered charger resides at the back of this gadget with a suction cup. The concept has Bluetooth technology to connect to music, podcast and another computer or smartphone.

6. Mint Sputnik -– A new designed concept of projector will ensure an enhanced for your digital lifestyle. The Sputnik features a rotatable projector lamp with two speakers and remote control. This projector is designed like a satellite where you can stream HD videos and presentations. It can also be use as music player and projection clock when not in use.

7. Finder -– If you are a little bit forgetful and want some gadget that can easily detect where your things are, this one is for you. Finder is a two part RFID locator which is the main transparent terminal screen and a series of small sticker. To use this, you have to stick the tracking sticker to objects you tend to misplace, (like phone, wallet, keys, music player, etc.). Name the sticker with appropriate label on the main terminal and easily find that object when you want to find it next time. 

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